Budget.co.za Verified

In consumers simply cannot trust that a website is being run by a legitimate individual or organisation on face value alone. VerifID® is a leading website verification platform that helps businesses and individuals in establish their websites credibility with their audience. VerifID® verification process is

Budget.co.za Verified


In 2024 consumers simply cannot trust that a website is being run by a legitimate individual or organisation on face value alone. VerifID® is a leading website verification platform that helps businesses and individuals in United States establish their websites credibility with their audience. VerifID® verification process is designed to protect customers against fraudulent activities and other internet based misinformation. With VerifID®’s unique / automated transparency and verification platform we are able to independently validate websites like budget.co.za each month on a wide range of security and transparency touchpoints that are invaluable to customers.

budget.co.za Last Checked : July of 2024

Is budget.co.za a scam?

The website budget.co.za has undergone a 60 + data point checklist on VerifID® and passed all automated audits for July 2024 . To find out more about what VerifID® systems have identified on budget.co.za website, please see the July report below.

Why was budget.co.za VerifID®?

    • When a website is verified it VerifID®, it transparently demonstrates to customers that the business is legitimate, professional and a trustworthy operation, verified by a 3rd party.
    • This can go a long way in resolving doubt, building confidence, gaining credibility and ultimately attracting new business sales from customers that feel more at ease when transacting with companies that have been VerifID®.
    • In addition to increased data security and credibility of your website, VerifID® provides a free monthly update service that revalidates the customer security check points to ensure that websites like budget.co.za remain up-to-date and authorised to provide the services they offer to customers.
Legitimate Business ChecksMobile Security ChecksOnline Anti-Fraud ChecksCompliance ChecksBest Practices Checks

Is budget.co.za a Legitimate Business?

VerifID® verified the website budget.co.za on July of 2024 and can confirm that budget.co.zaz is a legitimate business operating in South Africa. This means that anyone who uses budget.co.za can have peace of mind knowing that the site ownership and whois data have been independently verified by VerifID® in South Africa.

A VerifID® website means that the site has been checked for any signs of fraud reports or security vulnerabilities. Helping to protect consumers from potential scams or phishing attacks, sql injection attacks, man in the middle attacks, cross-site scripting and credential reuse vulnerabilities that can compromise their personal information and financial data.

The website budget.co.za belongs to a registered company independently verified against the CIPRO database and operates within South Africa’s legal jurisdictions.

budget.co.za mobile security

VerifID® conducts routine mobile usability and mobile browsing security audits. The budget.co.za website passed all testing criteria making it both secure and user-friendly for mobile users.

VerifID®’s tests include responsiveness, navigation and overall design shifts on various mobile devices, ensuring that the website provides an optimal viewing experience and that no code hides or obfusticates hidden objects that could threaten the security of your mobile device.

The budget.co.za website uses 256-bit encryption to protect personal and financial information from any potential hacking attempts. The encryption on budget.co.za is end-to-end with a trusted CA Origin certificate on the responding server. Thus budget.co.za is a viable option for potential customers looking to make a purchase, share personal information, or simply browse the site from their mobile devices.

budget.co.za anti-fraud checks

VerifID®’s online anti-fraud check is used to verify the authenticity of online transactions to prevent fraud. The online anti-fraud check by VerifID® seeks to ensure that transactions being conducted on budget.co.za are between the legitimate site operators and the end consumer. Thus helping to prevent fraudulent activities such as man in the middle attacks, identity theft, phishing scams, and other types of online fraud.

When tested in July 2024 the website budget.co.za does not appear to take online transactions directly. In many ecommerce scenarios legitimate online retailers securely pass transactions over to 3rd party payment processors. In the test conducted on budget.co.za our systems did not return any red flagged payment processors or insecure transaction methods.

Furthermore no names or ID numbers associated with budget.co.za appear in any public court records regarding fraudulent activity.

budget.co.za compliance checks

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) impacts all website owners in South Africa and is designed to protect consumers rights and their personal information. The POPI Act specifies the minimum requirements for accessing and “processing” an individual’s personal information to which all business owners must adhere. In summary the Act requires organisations to identify all reasonably foreseeable external and internal threats to personal data in their possession or under their control. While VerifID® is unable to check the compliance behind the scenes of websites and business owners in South Africa, without a terms and conditions page which outlines the businesses intent in

    • The appoint an Information Officer to maintain compliance
    • The disclosure of the collection and use of all personal information
    • The provision of channels responding to “data subjects” access and rectification requests
    • The provision of notification channels for security compromises
    • The written contracts with the data operators
    • The adequate protection in cross border data transfers
    • The provision documentation of all personal data processing operations

To reiterate VerifID® IS NOT A POPIA COMPLIANCE service. The onus is still on the operators of budget.co.za to ensure that the POPIA requiements are upheld. That said, VerifID® identified a number of terms on budget.co.za that indicate that the company is adhereing to some parts of the POPIA requirements, if not already in full compliance with the legislation.

budget.co.za e-commerce best practice checks

The website budget.co.za passed the following VerifID® page checks on July 2024 with only 2 potential flags.

    • Home Page Check : This is arguably the most significant page on your website. A well-designed homepage should convey the nature of your business and its unique value proposition. It should also contain links to your store’s product and category pages.
    • Abut Us Page Check : This is where customers will learn about the individuals behind your products. A good About page should describe your brand’s history and values. It should also contain trust elements to demonstrate that your store is authentic and credible.
    • Contact Page Check: Ensure that your contact number, email address, and actual physical address (if applicable) are displayed on the Contact page. Clarify how customers can contact you in order to demonstrate your authenticity.
    • FAQ Page Check : Customers may have numerous inquiries before deciding to purchase from you. Having an effective FAQ page will allow you to offer customers self-service options and avoid repeatedly answering the same questions.
    • Terms and Conditions Page Check : This page describes your legal foundation as a business, as well as what is and is not included in or with your services.
    • Privacy Policy Page Check : As concerns about data breaches increase, it is strongly advised that you work with an attorney to draught a comprehensive privacy policy for your ecommerce business.
    • Returns Policy Page Check : Before making a purchase, nearly half of consumers investigate the return policy of an online retailer. It is therefore essential to have a shipping, return, and refund page on your website. This is also an excellent method for gaining the trust of prospective customers.

Getting a VerifID® website is easy.

For a nominal fee of R130 per year, your website can be secured in VerifID®'s 60 point automated check process. Signup takes only 5 minutes all website checks are fully automated thereafter. The reality for any website owner in South Africa needs to put into place all reasonable safeguards to protect customer data. Fines imposed on not securing your website or taking appropriate steps to ensure your customers data security is being routinely checked can run into millions.

Get The VerifID® Transparency Badge For Your Website

VerifID® transparency verification badges found on the website budget.co.za testament to the business’s commitment to providing secure and trustworthy online services customers on an ongoing basis. With VerifID® verification badges, consumers can be confident in the knowlege that the budget.co.za is being tested monthly by VerifID®’s 60 point verification systems.

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